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Why we prefer using water based inks.

Welcome to our garment screen printing service, where we bring your creative visions to life on apparel that stands out. We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality prints that not only look exceptional but also feel comfortable to wear. What sets us apart is our preference for using water-based inks in our screen printing process.

Why We Prefer Water-Based Inks:

At our facility, we believe in combining artistry and responsibility, and that’s why we have chosen to use water-based inks exclusively in our screen printing. Here’s why we prefer them:

Eco-Friendly: We care deeply about our planet and the well-being of our community. Water-based inks are an environmentally conscious choice, as they contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful chemicals. This means reduced harm to the environment and the people who work with them.

Soft and Breathable: Water-based inks are known for their ability to provide a soft hand feel. Unlike plastisol inks that sit on top of the fabric, water-based inks soak into the fibers, creating a more comfortable garment that’s a joy to wear.

Vibrant Colors and Detail: Our water-based inks can deliver vibrant and high-quality prints with outstanding color accuracy and detail. Whether you have intricate designs or bold graphics in mind, we can make them come to life with precision.

Ideal for Light Fabrics: Water-based inks are especially well-suited for light-colored or white fabrics. Their transparency is an advantage, and they can even help achieve a vintage or distressed look that’s so popular today.

Versatility: Whether it’s cotton, polyester, or fabric blends, our water-based inks can handle a variety of materials. They’re also suitable for printing on paper and other substrates, making them versatile for a wide range of applications.

Easy Cleanup: Keeping our workspace clean and safe is a top priority. Water-based inks can be easily cleaned up with water, making the process straightforward and environmentally friendly.

With our commitment to quality and eco-conscious practices, we’re your trusted partner for exceptional garment screen printing that reflects your unique style and values. Experience the difference of water-based inks in your next apparel project and enjoy not only the visual impact but also the comfort and sustainability they offer.

Let us bring your designs to life, the responsible way, with our top-notch garment screen printing using water-based inks.


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